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We are looking for individuals who are finding themselves in a crowd, individuals who often ask themselves why the world has no answers to climate change, to crumbling agrarian economies, to children who aren’t learning enough. Individuals who often wonder how tech & data can in fact be used to make countries smarter! We are looking for those who are searching for answers, from the world, from within themselves!

Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities coupled with strong communication skills

Alignment with our core values of putting mission first, high standards of integrity, excellence, collaboration to succeed, innovation and accountability

Passionate about creating impact, entrepreneurial mindset, high levels of respect and empathy to create a happy workplace

What we do

The journey of policy, from drafts on a bureaucrat’s office to people’s neighbourhoods is a very long one. We occupy a space between how a scheme is envisioned and how it is ultimately lived.

Through systematic management of data, we identify and eliminate inclusion and exclusion errors in scheme delivery. For instance, a simple code error could have made over 5,000 beneficiaries, who were otherwise eligible, ineligible for a particular financial assistance scheme. We were able to identify the error in time and prevent this exclusion error from creeping in, making schemes far more effective.

Governance Transformation

We work with governments to solve open ended problem statements impacting citizens’ lives. These problem statements could be in sectors such as healthcare, education, women empowerment, nutrition and agriculture. We diagnose the problem statement, co-design the solution with governments, and support government leaders in executing these solutions. Due to the complex nature of problem statements, these programs are multi-year, typically ranging from 2-4 years.

Digital Transformation

We build solutions to help unlock the potential of technology and data to accelerate impact. We create fit-for-purpose, open source and scalable solutions for digital transformation of large systems. These solutions can include decision support systems, health registries, education stack, farmer databases and open data platforms, among others.

Programme Management

We work with government and impact sector leaders to provide programme management support to drive effective implementation of diverse interventions in the impact sector. These interventions can include innovative financing, management of fellowships, performance management in multi-stakeholder environments, and scale-up of innovative technologies.

Strategy Design

We work with organizations to create strategies and insights that help leaders solve problems to achieve impact. Some examples of this include researching proven success stories, identifying suitable impact opportunities, investment landscaping and creating playbooks for replication.

Recruitment process
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Our people come from prestigious academic institutions and bring diverse sectoral expertise