Good money meets greater purpose

Today, private players and big philanthropies are wanting to give back. We create a path for wealth to flow into the problems that need it most. We develop a nuanced understanding of a foundation or a fund’s target audience, based on which we come up with a list of problems (opportunities) they can step in to fix. We work on highly under-researched topics to come up with detailed market landscaping.

India’s private sector has been the major engine of growth and a huge employment generator since its post-liberalisation 1990s and 2000s. The growth so far has mostly covered India’s mid-to-high-income population segment and has been limited to the more developed regions that have better access to English and modern streams of science and finance curriculums. Gains from private sector to low income households have remained sub-optimal and this is a reality India battles even today.

A large international philanthropy strives to engage with private sector organizations in a more meaningful way to drive social impact in India. Today, the social impact space holds the key to India’s better and brighter future.

Through this engagement, GDi is supporting the philanthropic organisations to identify promising business models in private sector, which if scaled-up, can deliver significant social benefits to people from low income households.

GDi is building the private sector engagement strategy for large scale international philanthropy in India in 2 domains: Women Economic Empowerment and Financial Services for Poor

Building a Database of Possibilities

The team studied 30+ existing reports, several articles and interviewed more than 60 CXOs for the purpose of the study. By developing a nuanced understanding of Foundation's target audience, the team was able to identify a long and a short list of various opportunities that exist for the Foundation to engage the private sector towards creating economic impact in the lives of millions of low income households and women from poor economic backgrounds.

Quantification of Micro-Opportunities

From a strategy perspective, the team worked on highly under-researched topics to come up with detailed market. Quantification of micro-opportunities was done for the first time, which helped the foundations to zero-in on 4 opportunities in these sectors.

We also enabled foundations conversation with selective private sector players, with whom the first level of program design was also curated. In addition, GDi also researched upcoming and promising Digital Public Goods (like ONDC, PM-Wani, Account Aggregator).

Organisation Strategy

The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) is an international non-profit, organisation that aims to provide, inspire, and support thought and practice leadership in evaluation in the Global South. The organisation wanted to re-invent itself as a leading ‘think and do tank’ in the Global South. GDi supported the organisation in this process by developing a strategy for achieving growth.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED)