In early July 2023, I embarked on a new chapter of my career as I joined GDi, an impact-driven start-up committed to transform the lives of individuals and communities for an equitable and inclusive world. This transition was not a random leap, but a deliberate choice driven by a profound set of motivations.

My attraction to GDi stemmed from four reasons:

  • a) A deep-seated passion for the social impact sector,
  • b) The allure of a nimble startup atmosphere,
  • c) The opportunity to don the entrepreneurial hat,
  • d) The freedom to bask in autonomy of project ownership.

However, what truly captivated me was the opportunity to contribute to designing and shaping vital components of the organisation. Over the past four months, my experience at GDi has been a testament to the power of such an environment.

Deep-seated passion for the social impact sector:

My parents have been major proponents of giving back to society and making others’ lives better. When I was 7, my parents urged me to make a new year’s resolution which I would religiously follow. I decided that I would do one good deed every day, which could be anything from helping someone disadvantaged to giving up my seat on the bus to an elderly person.

After a year, I realized that these random acts of kindness had become an integral part of me and changed my attitude and outlook towards life. Since then, I have volunteered with various organizations across my school and college years working across causes to help the underprivileged.

The ethos of GDi resonates deeply with my journey, providing me an opportunity to channel my passion and commitment towards fostering meaningful transformations in communities.

Unveiling Insights in Gender Equality and Digital Connectivity

At GDi, I am currently working with the ‘Gender Equality and Digital Connectivity’ team of international philanthropy, wherein I along with my team are gaining insights into critical learning questions, such as understanding local gender norms around women's time use, independence, empowerment, confidence, and trust in digital connectivity.

We did a landscape research to understand the innovation landscape in India and interventions with a specific focus on gender equality & digital connectivity being undertaken at Centers of Excellence & Incubation Centers across the academic institutions in India by engaging directly with faculty and students to gain firsthand insights.

I also had the privilege of attending a Workshop on Women’s Economic Empowerment organised by ISST and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The workshop aimed to create a platform for key stakeholders in the field to learn, reflect, and exchange ideas on approaches, strategies, and programs to strengthen Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE).

Moreover, transitioning from the CSR Advisory space at Sattva Consulting to a young organisation GDi has provided me with a more intimate and hands-on environment that allows for direct engagement and impactful contributions.

The allure of a nimble startup atmosphere

Working in a small startup setting at GDi has been an exhilarating journey marked by excitement of building something impactful from the ground up. I've embraced the versatility this environment offers by taking on diverse roles within the organisation.

For instance, spearheading the virtual webinar series, including events like "Career Insights: Charting a Path in the Social Impact Sector" and "Elevate Your Career: Transition from Social Sector Fellowship to Consulting Domain," allowed me to showcase my entrepreneurial spirit.

Through these events, I facilitated discussions, shared insights, and empowered individuals looking to make a transition in their careers. These experiences embody the dynamic nature of a startup, where adaptability and a willingness to dive into multifaceted roles are key to success.

Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan during the GDi 3rd Foundation Day Celebration
Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan during the GDi 3rd Foundation Day Celebration

The opportunity to don the entrepreneurial hat

Within the corridors of GDi, I found the freedom to lead my projects and take ownership. This autonomy allowed me to explore the vast spectrum of initiatives, including hosting a series of virtual webinars and managing GDi's social media handles.

Currently, I am also at the forefront of crafting a comprehensive content and communication strategy for GDi's social media handles with an objective of creating engaging content, leveraging visuals effectively, and fostering community interaction to amplify GDi's impact and values on this professional platform.

From 0 to 1: Creating the Webinar Series:

In the last four months, I've had the chance to initiate a virtual webinar series, and we've hosted two successful events. Recognizing an opportunity to enhance GDi's engagement and knowledge-sharing, I proposed creating this webinar series. I believed that by providing insightful discussions on crucial topics, we could add significant value. GDi, being a dynamic environment that encourages innovation, granted me full autonomy to bring this vision to life.

The first event, "Career Insights: Charting a Path in the Social Impact Sector," was a deep dive into the impact sector, featuring insights from experienced professionals. This session drew participation from a diverse audience of 100+ people. The event featured a panel from GDi team members who have worked in different roles within the social sector such as philanthropy, government, research, CSR and non-profit with CIFF, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, J-PAL, Clinton Health Access Initiative etc.

The second event, "Elevate Your Career: Transition from Social Sector Fellowship to Consulting Domain," aimed to empower individuals looking to transition from social sector fellowship to impact consulting.

Moreover, as we embarked on this journey of knowledge-sharing, we recognized the power of community-building. To further nurture these connections, we've launched the Nation Builders Group (, a dedicated space for our diverse audience to continue these conversations, exchange ideas, and provide ongoing support on their professional journeys.

We're excited about the potential of this group to foster meaningful connections and collaborations within the realm of social impact. The journey continues, and we look forward to more insightful discussions and collaborations ahead.


Reflecting on my journey at GDi, these past four months have been a remarkable journey, a testament to the spirit of empowerment and innovation that defines this dynamic startup environment. In this relatively short span, the freedom to lead, experiment, and explore initiatives in alignment with my passions and values has become a tangible reality.

Navigating through this experience, I've encountered challenges, doubts, and uncertainties. Initiating the webinar series and managing our social media presence were not without their moments of apprehension—questions lingered: Will people join the webinars? Will the LinkedIn group gain traction? These uncertainties were real, and the journey was far from flawless.

Yet, as the events unfolded, positive experiences emerged, doubts started to dissipate, and tangible impacts began to materialise. The engagement in our webinars exceeded expectations, and the Nation Builders Network on LinkedIn gained momentum. These small victories have transformed doubts into confidence and uncertainty into anticipation.

GDi's setup has provided not just a platform to delve into the social impact sector but also the autonomy to navigate through challenges, contribute to the organisation's growth, and host impactful events. As I stride forward in my GDi journey, I am keenly aware that the path ahead may present new challenges, but with a growing sense of confidence, I eagerly anticipate more opportunities to make a lasting impact and inspire others to do the same.